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The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

Synopsis: A week in the life of Auri, who lives in the world beneath the world and keeps things in balance by knowing the perfect place for everything. Review: Is it just me, or did Patrick Rothfuss just drop a huge bombshell about Auri’s role in the final Kingkiller book? The Slow Regard of Silent Things was WAY better than the Bast story in Rogues. I’ve always worried that Auri was going to be just another manic pixie dream girl, but here she comes completely…

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Wise Man’s Fear (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 2)

Synopsis: Kvothe the Bloodless continues his tale, which encompasses the furtherance of his studies of the arcane at the University, a quest to hunt bandits for the richest man in the land, a detour into Fae, training among a tribe of elite fighters who do most of their talking with their hands, and continued revelations about the demonic Chandrian. Review: Wise Man’s Fear was over way too soon, despite it’s length–and that’s the sign of a truly great read, in my book. I had a…

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The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1)

Synopsis: The early rise of the mage who who became the Kingkiller and who now owns a humble tavern. Review: This my second time reading The Name of the Wind, in anticipation of the upcoming release of Wise Man’s Fear. I’m very very very very exciting. The book mostly held up well on a second reading. I was surprised at how fresh it seemed to me, a testament to the depth of Rothfuss’s vision. You can read my original review here. Share on Facebook

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