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Reading the Screen #1: Choosing the Best Non-English Language Films

I was asked by Eddie on Film to participate in putting together a list of my favorite foreign language films so that we could create a definitive online list. In another incarnation, I blogged about film, which is how Eddie knows me, and cinema is definitely a big passion of mine. Voting is open until Sunday, September 16th. You can find the list & how to vote here. Below is my selection from the list of the best of the bunch, and I’ve posted the…

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How to Turn a Book Into a Movie

I’m often asked what I look for when I evaluate books for the movie biz. First and foremost, I look for the elements that are important to my employers–things that they are specifically looking for in terms of genre, execution, etcetera. I read for a couple of different places, and each has a slightly different mandate. In general, in order for a book to become a movie it has to have a strong, forward-moving plot line, and a premise that you can easily picture on…

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