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Happy New Year! Resolutions + Favorite Movies of 2007

Taking a break from book reviewing to bring some reflection and contemplation to Reading is my Superpower. I don’t generally blog about personal stuff, but the baby is still asleep and I’m showered and enjoying coffee and feel like blogging. I rang in the New Year on the couch with Superfast Husband and Bean watching the ball drop on New York 1. I have never gone to Times Square for New Year’s Eve and never will. Big crowds just aren’t my scene, and these days,…

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Too Many Notes

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a movie buff as well as a Superfast Reader. So, in honor of today’s work read, I’m posting an entry in the Close-Up Blogathon, hosted by my friends over at The House Next Door. Matt Seitz has already posted a fabulous article on one of the final images in Raising Arizona. I’m also dedicating this post to the closing images in Into the Wild–a man’s face intercut with a man’s memories, confession, repentance, and salvation all on…

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Books In Movies

No, not books TO movies, books IN movies, used as props or set dressing. Whenever I see a character reading, I want to know what they’re reading. All too often you can’t tell, but when you can, it’s usually informative. The AMC series “Mad Men” has had some fun book cameos. Set in the 1960s New York City advertising world, the show consciously references books and films of the time. I noticed in the first episode that the main office set appeared to be an…

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