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Space Case by Dan Fiorella

Synopsis: Another hardboiled story featuring PI Nick Flebber, whose caustic take on the world stands at odds with his romance with the daughter of Santa Claus. Review: Space Case is a light bite by comic wordsmith Dan Fiorella. He has a wonderful way of milking seemingly small moments for comic gold, and I found myself snickering frequently as I read the story. The plot and story are beside the point, but he does a great job connecting all the dots and making it look easy.…

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Lost Claus by Dan Fiorella

Synopsis: A jaded private eye takes on the case of a lifetime when an unusually small client by the name of “Tweedle” walks in the door wearing a red and green outfit claiming his boss is missing. Review: Lost Claus is really, really funny. Dan Fiorella gets all the hard boiled lingo just right and it’s hilarious when juxtaposed with some snooty elves, Santa’s hot-to-trot adopted daughter, and the threat of Christmas without the big man himself. It’s a great satire and a fun story,…

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