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Arena by Karen Hancock

Synopsis: After signing up for a psychology experiment, a young woman finds herself in a dangerous “arena” where she may lose her life trying to find her way out. Review: Arena is an allegory for the Christian walk of faith, something I knew when I bought the book but then forgot until about halfway through. I think that’s a pretty good sign that the book mostly escapes being on-the-nose and heavy handed in its plot execution and character development. Callie is an ordinary girl who…

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Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler

Synopsis: An anorexic girl gets recruited by Death to be one of his horsemen. Review: Hunger had a fabulous concept marred by some uneven execution. I was really invested in Lisabeth’s emotional journey, but felt like the story took a weird turn and moved away from that story into something more epic, and it didn’t work for me. It wasn’t that I minded the fantasy elements, more that I didn’t think that story worked as well on an emotional level. That said, I admired the…

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