Switcheroo by Olivia Goldsmith

When a betrayed wife discovers that her husband’s mistress could be her (much younger) twin, she convinces the mistress that they should switch places and see how the other half lives.

One does not read Olivia Goldsmith for ornately wrought prose or subtle nuances of human behavior. One does read Olivia Goldsmith because she has a better-than-average command of the written word and comes up with wild, over-the-top situations populated by characters who are human and accessible. Switcheroo, unfortunately, is not Goldsmith at her finest. The story is too small for her talents, and the scenario half-baked. The big switch does not happen until halfway through the book, when really it should instigate the action. Once it happens, it’s a relatively short journey to the book’s largely unsatisfying end.


2 thoughts on “Switcheroo by Olivia Goldsmith”

  1. indeed, olivia goldsmith’s best work has to be the first wives club. i’ve read this and i enjoyed it; after all, chick lit is about the stimulation of joy rather than the stimuli of intellect. such a shame the way she died.

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