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36 thoughts on “Superfast Archives”

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  6. Repetition vs association – since I have not been efficient at memorizing things, I personally found that by associating English words with Spanish words, We had arrived able bear in mind them easier; for example: my best friend’s husband’s name was Danilo (pronounced don-ee-lo).the spanish word for (wedding) ring is Anillo (pronounced a-knee-yo). See the association? Another example: the Spanish word “antes” means before, while “despues” might after. So, in order to not confuse the two, I’d think to myself “A comes before D all of the dictionary, therefore despues achievable after antes.” Have fun with the. In my experience, the funnier the association, the easier it is perfect for me keep in mind!

    Being a city of cultural diversity currently have everything from jazz, blues, R&B to rock, metal, and reggae. Our Hispanic heritage has given us – for instance Tex-Mex, flamenco, mariachi and banda. The Gaslamp Quarter and Pacific Beach are central hubs for local nightlife and music. Downtown’s annual festival Street Scene had a hiatus in fact but will hopefully return soon. We even have the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon. You’ll find more bands and music in Hillcrest than ever it seems.

    I love a good fireworks show, and Seaworld does offer one. The skin dancing fountains during the fireworks also. For a good seat, you need to definitely get towards the Bayside Stadium very first. If you do go to the Bayside Stadium, take period getting straight from the park because you’ll with out end up waiting to eliminate the car parking zone for a while. There are other great areas to preview the fireworks originally from. You can get a great view of them around Manta’s splash down nicely near entry of the park. Try to avoid be heaps closer to the car promote it right park at once.

    Learning the piano isn’t like back in the day in the old days. End up being honest, the idea of sitting in the room without a penny but a metronome, an audio lesson book, collectively with a piano sounds terribly tremendously dreary. But with the computer age in full swing there tend to and more “piano lessons” games and software packages offering to help improve your abilities while keeping you entertained and implementing rugs.

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