Super Stitches Crochet

A compendium of stitches and techniques for crochet.

As with Super Stitches Knitting, Super Stitches Crochet is packed full of gorgeous photos and easy-to-follow instructions. Any beginner could easily pick up this book and begin to crochet immediately. And expert crafters are sure to be smitten with all the possibilities presented by the stitch pattern dictionary.

Personally, I much prefer knitting to crochet, though I learned to crochet first. It always makes my wrist ache, and I’ve never felt confident enough to do it without looking, like I can when I knit. Additionally, knitting is way more versatile. I’d rather make sweaters than afghans.

Not that I have much time for any kind of crafting these days, what with Superfast Baby being a world-champion mama’s girl. Even reading has fallen by the wayside, but I don’t mind. She is a joy and a delight and I love spending time with her. Happy 3 month birthday, little bean!!

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