Sophomore Undercover by Ben Esch

When wannabe journalist Dixie Nguyen stumbles into the story of a lifetime in the boys’ locker room, he risks everything, including his place on the football team, to bring down an albino drug lord–who happens to be another high school student.

Sophomore Undercover is written in a breezy, comic style that will definitely appeal to readers, especially boys. I wasn’t so into it myself, because I found the plot really frustrating from the get-go. Dixie makes some assumptions that send him down the wrong road, and because it was so obvious to me that they were the wrong ones it made me not enjoy the story. I really don’t enjoy comedy based on misunderstandings, because I just want to shake the people involved and tell them to pay attention. However, if you are not like me and are more forgiving towards fictional people, then you may like this book if you enjoyed I Love You, Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle.

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