Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead by Christiana Miller

A down-on-her-luck Los Angeles witch comes into an unexpected inheritance, a house with a previous tenant who just won’t leave… even after death.

Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead was a tremendous amount of fun to read. Christiana Miller‘s background in the TV industry shows in her confident, imaginative plotting and idiosyncratic characters that leap off the page with the power of their intention within the story.

The book is steeped in real witchcraft, of the Los Angeles Wiccan variety, and while the spells are beautiful to read, I did get weirded out by all the anti-Christian stuff in there. If the book weren’t so well written I probably would have stopped reading after the beginning, but I just had to find out what happened to Mara. Miller takes the story to crazytown–and I mean that as a good thing! She’s completely unafraid of embracing all the possibilities of her premise, and I was truly impressed by the end result.

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