Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb (The Liveship Traders, Book 1)

Althea Vestrit always thought she’d captain her family’s liveship, the Vivacia, newly quickened by the death of her father, but her sister’s husband’s machinations strip it from her hands, delivering the ship into a situation that threatens to break her mind, which puts her crew in mortal danger.

I loved returning to Bingtown and my beloved Althea Vestrit in this re-read (actually a listen) of Ship of Magic. Few things have captured my imagination as Hobbs liveships, sailing vessels with figureheads who can speak and who remember the way up the Rain River where treasure beyond price awaits collection.

The baby’s awake, more when I read book 2!

2 thoughts on “Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb (The Liveship Traders, Book 1)”

  1. I really enjoyed The Liveship Trader books, too. I agree that Althea is a great character, and I loved the chemistry and on-off relationship between her and Brashen Trell.

    I’ve read the Farseer trilogy and The Liveship Trader books, but I’ve never read The Tawny Man books. Are they worth reading?

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