Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card

The seventh son of a seventh son, Alvin Miller is destined for greatness if he can only survive the plots of the Unmaker who stalks him.

I loved the alternate America created by Orson Scott Card in Seventh Son, where folk magic abounds and George Washington had himself executed as a traitor after liberating the colonies. The American Indian tribes are the seventh state in the compact creating America, and the French are nowhere to be found. It’s lovely to read a work of fantasy that’s based in American history, as opposed to European.

These details delighted me even as I remained engaged with the story of Alvin Miller, whose magical abilities show depths that he doesn’t yet recognize himself. His father is convinced that water is trying to kill his son, because seventh sons of seventh sons are known to be powerful. And Alvin does suffer accident after accident, all connected somehow with water. Reverend Thrower meets a spectral Visitor who sends him on God’s mission to save Alvin from his own magic, but a traveling Talespinner reads only the touch of evil on his revered altar.

I’m really looking forward to diving into this series this winter. I’m hooked!

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