Santa Olivia by Jaqueline Carey

Loup Garron’s father was a genetically engineered superman, but she’s just a street kid–until she turns a group of orphans into vigilantes.

I thought Santa Olivia was going to be a werewolf book, and it wasn’t. It’s an ambitious yet intimate character portrait of a girl born without fear.

I was unfamiliar with Jacqueline Carey’s work, and I gather that Santa Olivia represents a bit of a departure. I really admired her command of character and plotting, even if I didn’t totally connect with Loup and her coterie. Carey’s prose style is extremely hard edged and she takes huge risks, and she weds place and character in a really unusual way.

One thought on “Santa Olivia by Jaqueline Carey”

  1. I’m not into erotic fiction, so I’ve avoided her Kushiel series, but have really enjoyed her Sundering duology (basically, LotR as written from Sauron’s perspective…and he’s the good guy.) She’s a good writer. I’ll have to check this out.

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