Rules for Saying Goodbye by Katherine Taylor

An episodic look at the life of a California girl living in New York.

I do not like to give negative reviews on this blog so I will just say that I finally gave up on Rules for Saying Goodbye with only 70 pages to go. I did not like that it was a memoir disguised as fiction. I wasn’t crazy about the arch, tinny dialogue. I never cared about the protagonist/author. It was not for me. I will say I did enjoy some of the passages set in the bar, because they reminded me of the years I spent as a barfly with a bartender roommate and a bartender boyfriend. Fun!

3 thoughts on “Rules for Saying Goodbye by Katherine Taylor”

  1. I wanted to give up on the book halfway, but I finished it just so I could say I gave the book a full chance. Still, I feel like I lost a lot of brain cells from reading it.

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