Reeling and Writhing

Two work reads in one post–one a horror manuscript that managed to be plotless and scary at the same time, the other a YA adventure manuscript. So I’m copying off of Dewey and posting the same two memes in one post.

A meme about reading:

My Reading: Like Dewey (and probably many of you), I read every single day of my life. I even brought books on my honeymoon.

Total Number of Books Owned: Librarything tells me I have 708 books. This does not count my TBR stack–those only go on Librarything after I’ve read the book and deemed it worth rereading. Otherwise, it goes two shelves down to my Bookmooch inventory. I’m also on Goodreads, which will show you some books I’ve read but don’t own. (Please friend me if you’re on any of these sites–I love seeing what people are reading & getting inspiration! And if you friend me on Bookmooch I’ll try to spend some points on you.)

Last Book Bought: Bookmooch has saved me a ton of money in this department, and has basically replaced the library. However, I do still buy books–I’ve been buying books on pregnancy and childbirth, and I rushed out and bought Auralia’s Colors because I was dying to read it.

Last Book Read: The Minotaur by Barbara Vine

Currently reading: This Perfect Day by Ira Levin

Five Meaningful Books: This question comes up a lot in reading memes. I’ll try to choose books I haven’t mentioned before.

1. Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset
2. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
3. Nearer than the Sky by T. Greenwood
4. Finding Alice by Melody Carlson
5. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

A meme about writing that asks you to list 5 strengths you think you have as a writer–I’m speaking professionally here.

1. I have been told that I have a good ear for dialogue.

2. I turn around notes very fast–nobody will ever be waiting on me!

3. I know how to translate a book into a movie.

4. I love the act of putting words to paper.

5. I welcome criticism.

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