Real Live Boy Weighs in on Girl Book Debate

My pastor has four kids, all of whom are great readers. His second son in particular is a real book lover, and though he is 13 I feel like he is a kindred spirit to me, because we like a lot of the same books.

So I posed him the question I raised in the latest Booking Through Thursday post–namely, would he read a book like Anne of Green Gables?

His answer at first was, yes, of course, if it’s a good book, I’ll read it. But as we talked the real answer came out–he’d read it, but only if there was nothing around to read. A true bookworm’s answer! Better to read a book that isn’t necessarily for you than have nothing to read at all.

He agreed with me that girl books can be tough for boys to want to read. Then we got into a discussion about the Dark is Rising movie and how Hollywood always screws stuff like that up.

2 thoughts on “Real Live Boy Weighs in on Girl Book Debate”

  1. Ahh the peer pressure thing… ‘that’s girlie.’ Even if there’s no one else around it still impacts choices. He gets serious bookworm points for the ‘if there wasn’t anything else to read’ answer.

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