Present Tense by Dave Duncan (The Great Game)

Book two in this trilogy has our unjustly accused hero crossing back to WWII-era England, hoping to escape from the law so he can enlist on the front lines and narrating the story of his time as a battle commander Nextdoor to his cohort of rescuers.

I was not quite as enthralled with Present Tense as I’d hope to be, but I still enjoyed it. I get frustrated when fantasy stories rely too heavily on the notion of prophecy, because then the story just starts feeling like a video game. All the hero has to do is hit various marks to complete the board. Here, Edward is trying to break the prophecy, so that adds a level of tension to the predestination that kept me interested.

The theology of Present Tense is wild. Basically the gods are people like Edward who have crossed over, not meta-beings at all. The series has a core of atheism but reeks of magic. Plot issues aside, this is enough for me to want to see where he takes things in book 3.

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