Pointe by Brandy Colbert

Aspiring ballerina Theo’s best friend was kidnapped four years ago, and his miraculous return and the arrest of his abductor triggers Theo’s eating disorder because of a secret she’s keeping that may have been responsible for what happened.

Pointe is really, really powerful, not so much because of the issues it deals with (eating disorders, sex crimes against children), but because it has a plot independent of Theo’s inner journey. We’re not just watching Theo suffer, we’re caught up in the suspense over what happened to Donovan, lending the book the feel of a thriller without any silly chase scenes. The final confrontation is well-earned in the best possible way.

I also appreciated the complexity of the relationships. There’s boyfriend/girlfriend stuff but it’s all so messed up. Nothing is quite what it seems, and figuring that out is a big part of Theo’s journey. Everything is subtly done, and the author really understands that you don’t need to go big to hit hard.

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