Pause for Power by Warren Wiersbe

Daily devotions from Bible teacher Dr. Warren Wiersbe.

Pause for Power is kind of perfect for me right now. I have hardly any time at all for myself, juggling two kids and freelance work and life in general. This book gives one verse and a short but profound meditation for each day. It’s no substitute for an in-depth Bible study but it still gives plenty to chew on.

I have heard that Protestants love devotionals and study Bibles and all kinds of other tools for engaging God’s word–yet we’re horrible about actually using them and following through. This is certainly true of me, which is ironic because I’m an autodidact in just about every other area I’m interested in. But studying the Bible just gets away from me. I’m the classic Christian who pledges every so often to read through the whole Bible, only to get bogged down in 2nd Chronicles. I even tried a reading plan that promised to avoid this pitfall by giving me the Bible chronologically–and I got bogged down in Job. (If you know your Bible you’ll realize just how bad this is.) So I am skeptical of the claims that this book will change my life, but the commentary is good enough that I will retain my optimism about making it to the end, one day at a time.

4 thoughts on “Pause for Power by Warren Wiersbe”

  1. It’s odd that I’ve never had an issue with Job. I always find it fascinating, but 2 Chronicles can be downright brutal.

    It’s heartening to know that even a super fast reader has difficulties sometimes with the Bible.

    I credit my success with Bible-reading to just having my morning reading time carved out every day. Consistency has gotten me through every year for the last six years.

  2. Thanks for sharing this book. I clicked through over at Amazon and it looks to be getting great reviews. I was looking for a new book to get as a gift for my sister. His “50 People Every Christian Should Know” book looks good too.

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