One Year Anniversary!

And what a great year it’s been… I get so much pleasure out of blogging about the books I’m reading, not to mention interacting with commenters and other book bloggers. I’ve catalogued the books I own on Librarything, Goodreads is a growing list of all the books I’ve ever read, and I’m giving away books on Bookmooch.

I have 330 posts. Now, my general rule is that I only post when I’ve finished a book, but I went through my archive and counted about 25 posts that were not linked to a book (ie contest announcements and blogging projects). That means I still read over 300 books this year. I’ve never actually counted my reads before, and I’m a little scared.

Those 330 posts generated over 1600 comments, for which I’m incredibly grateful.

My first post:
Robin Hobb: Three Trilogies, One Love

My first commenter not personally known to me:
Vintage Fan

First blogger to link to me:
Pretty Good on Paper

Most commented on:
George RR Martin Defends Genre

Most popular post that was not a part of my Stumbleupon storm in early June:
Essential Books for Children

My favorite reads this year:
My Tolstoys: War and Peace and Anna Karenina
Sigrid Undset’s Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy
Anna’s Book by Barbara Vine
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
Dave Duncan’s A Man of His Word and A Handful of Men
The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

And, finally, some of the gazillions of books I read for my job that I couldn’t blog about:

And finally, I completed the first draft of my first novel–about 65,000 words that I’m now revising. So it’s not ALL about reading!

Thanks to everyone for making this so much fun! And much love to my husband for suggesting I blog my reads.

10 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary!”

  1. Wow, what a jam-packed year of fun that sounds like! I’ve only been around for the tail end of the year, but I really enjoy your blog. And I am just stupefied by the awesomeness of reading 300 books this year. I started keeping track of mine, and if the monthly averages so far pan out, I’ll probably hit 120. And I wasn’t even writing a book! You truly are a superfast reader. 🙂

    Uh oh, I have that Arsonist book on my wishlist, but I HATE twee, more than anything.

  2. Congratulations on one year! I raise my mouse in some sort of imitation of a brimming glass that befits a blogger and salute you. Here’s to more posts, more comments, more stumbles, and, more importantly more books! Cheers.

  3. 330 books! That’s truly amazing. I read Anna’s Book when I was pregnant with my daughter and we knew that’s what we were going to name her — I loved it. I think I’ll re-read it.

    I agree with you about The Arsonist’s Guide — I really wanted to like it because I loved the premise, but in the end it just left me flat.

  4. congratulations! nice to have you around. and thanks for alerting me to the very lovely kristin lavransdatter – i’ve just ordered the last two books, they should be waiting for me when i get back from norway next week.

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