Now You Really Can Read What I’m Reading

Thanks to commenter Ian, who pointed out that the “recommended” feed wasn’t working. I’ve changed it & moved to the far left, so please check out the articles I’m linking to.

Also, if any of you HTML savvy commenters can tell me what code I need to put in to keep the left column from butting up right underneath my banner, I’d greatly appreciate it. Should I put something after td valign=”top”?

I just finished reading a new book by one of the great writers for middle schoolers. It was a comic adventure that didn’t have me laughing quite as hard as I have at some of his earlier works, but it’s still a book that I’d love for my kids to read.

5 thoughts on “Now You Really Can Read What I’m Reading”

  1. I think if you added some padding to

    .left {

    padding-top: 0;


    in your CSS that might fix it. But don’t trust me on that. I do everything by trial and error.

  2. hmm–that didn’t work. I’ve got the 3 columns set up as tables but can’t see anything different in the template that would make one of them bump to the top while the others don’t.

  3. I’ve had this book on my TBR list for so long. Now I really have to get to it, before I end up seeing the movie first. I hate seeing movies before reading books. How about you?

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