Next by James Hynes

In Austin for the day for a job interview, a middle-aged man finds himself reflecting on loves present and past as the spectre of terrorism stalks his every turn.

I got kind of addicted to the prose stylings of Next, with author James Hynes weaving past and present and possible future effortlessly together to create a tapestry of need, hurt, longing, and passion. The “day in the life” gimmick really worked here–at least until the “where did that come from?” ending–because Kevin’s angsty struggle feels cosmic not whiny. Author James Hynes creates a great sense of atmosphere, both physical and emotional, and brings even the minor characters deftly to life. Unlike many contemporary writers of experimental prose, Hynes genuinely has something novel to say.

Many thanks to Hachette Book Group for the review copy.

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  1. I’m an avid reader and have read a lot of books over the years. I came across your site, and loved the name of your site! 🙂 Superfast Reader? That’s a great name, and you seem to have written a lot of reviews, and wait for it, at a superfast rate! I don’t believe I’ve read Next, but the way you’ve narrated the summary is so pleasantly engrossing, it makes me want to read the book for sure. Great stuff. Definitely look forward to hanging around here a lot more often.

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