6 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman’s American Gods Free on Amazon.com”

  1. Wait a minute — I can’t download it? They expect me to ahh…sit in front of my computer screen for hours reading it all at once? They’re nutters. I guess those with internet enabled ereaders can bother with it…except that it still entails sitting around for hours reading it all before the offer ends. Lame.

  2. This isn’t my favorite Gaiman novel. If I were recommending one to someone who’d never read him, it would probably be The Anansi Boys or Stardust.

  3. I don’t know what it is about Gaiman but I’ve, up to now anyway, been completely unable to finish one of his books. We just don’t seem to be much of a match but I’ll try to read a few “free pages” of this one to see if it grabs me at all. Thanks for the link.

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