My Greatest Fear

I have horrible, horrible vision. Like, it gets blurry two inches in front of my face, and I’ve worn contact lenses since I was 10. When I have my glasses on my husband likes to say that he can see the back of my head. It’s kind of true.

I’m scared to death of LASIK because of the chance, however infinitesimal, that I could go blind. If I went blind, I would not be able to read, and my life would be like this (re-edited) episode of “The Twilight Zone:”

And I think this marks the debut of the first video clip on Reading is my Superpower. It’s up here in honor of a horrible manuscript about some loathsome people that I had to read for work. Sometimes I hate my job. But only sometimes.

2 thoughts on “My Greatest Fear”

  1. Ack – I remember that episode of Twilight Zone.

    If anything happened to your eyes I would start a fundraising campaign to buy you new ones! I got yr back, SuperFast!

    I had been near-sighted since high school until I had to get eye surgery for premature cataracts. They removed my lenses and put in fake ones.

    I absolutely freaked when I discovered after the surgery that I was farsighted. I can see the ski lift on the mountain in the distance now, but I can’t read a laundry label, ingredients, or my own handwriting without strong reading glasses.

    I thought my life (as a reader and writer) was over. I adjusted. It’s still a little sucky. But at least I was used to wearing glasses and now I have a permanent prescription.

  2. Thanks 🙂

    I’ve heard that many nearsighted people become farsighted with age. Both of my parents now wear reading glasses so I expect those are in my future.

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