Ms. Taken Identity by Dan Begley

A guy decides to write a chick lit novel, and finds love and loses himself along the way.

Ms. Taken Identity could’ve been a big huge miss. It’s a great concept that the author could’ve coasted on. Happily, Ms. Taken Identity has humor, heart, and a whole lot of smarts.

Mitch is a PhD candidate with a 750-page magnum opus that nobody wants to buy. On a lark, he decides to write chick lit because in his mind, any idiot can do it. He adopts a false persona and infiltrates a dance class, where he meets the winsome Marie and falls in love. Of course, since he’s living a lie it’s all bound to blow up in his face. I usually hate stories where this happens, but Dan Begley makes it work because he goes for real emotions instead of relying on the circumstances of the plot. You can see where the story is going from page one, but it’s still really enjoyable. As Mitch learns, there’s nothing wrong with formula if the characters are people you can believe in. Fun stuff!

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