Ms. Harris’s Book of Green Household Management by Caroline Harris

Subtitled “The Essential Thrift Bible,” covers all the ways you can go green without spending a fortune.

I’ve browsed through quite a few books on green housekeeping, in my quest to keep Superfast Toddler’s home environment as non-toxic as possible. I haven’t blogged about them, because they’re pretty dry and I’ve mainly just skimmed them as you would a recipe book (another genre I read prodigiously and don’t blog about). Come to think of it, I’ve also left off blogging about some parenting books I’ve read, too. ZOMG I’m reading books that I’m not reporting on my blog! Is that cheating?

I really enjoyed Ms. Harris’s Book of Green Household Management, even though it’s written for a UK audience. It’s filled with great tips on cleaning, energy saving, water reduction, and efficient cooking. I just placed an order through my local coop for some citric acid to clear out the lime scale in my toilet, and I’ll be bookmarking the section on stain removal.

I’m hoping that the publisher releases an American version, because Ms. Harris’s writing is convivial and charming, and this is easily the most entertaining of all the similar tomes I’ve perused.

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