Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain

Essays from the chef, commentator, and food chronicler who wrote Kitchen Confidential.

I picked up Medium Raw through a sale on Audible, drawn in by the chance to hear Anthony Bourdain read his own book. I really really like the sound of his voice, except for the way he pronounces “restaurant” to rhyme with “runt.” (Or another word he’s really fond of that I won’t type here.) I enjoyed but didn’t love it. I was promised way more Top Chef trivia than I got here. I do love the way he describes food and appreciate that he’s got lots of opinions, but sometimes I felt like I was missing some of the references. The best essay was the one about the guy who butchers the fish at Le Bernardin and how he finally got to eat a meal there. He was on an episode of Top Chef so it was great to learn more of his backstory.

One thought on “Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain”

  1. I am a huge Tony Bourdain fan. I’ve read Kitchen Confidential and A Cook’s Tour and loved them both. I watch No Reservations. But I’ve still had some reservations of my own about reading this book. I’ve heard iffy reviews, but we’ll see.

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