Manola Dargis Doesn’t Do Her Homework

In her review of Prince Caspian in today’s New York Times, Manola Dargis writes:

The Pevensie children can withdraw to London between episodes, but moviegoers are unlikely, and also perhaps unwilling, to escape from Narnia and the other increasingly numerous, and therefore increasingly mundane, places like it.

A lovely sentiment, were it not for the fact that the Pevensies DIE to our world in one of the books. Not to mention that several of the books don’t feature the Pevensie children at all.

I don’t often pick nits on this blog, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to review an adaptation of a work of the stature of Prince Caspian without being familiar with the basics of the overall series. These are hardly obscure factoids–she is blithely unaware of major story elements. Lazy!

2 thoughts on “Manola Dargis Doesn’t Do Her Homework”

  1. Jeepers! How on earth did I make that mistake? Thanks for catching such an ancient error! Can I blame it on the fact that my daughter was 6 months old & I was woefully sleep deprived?

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