Making My Day

I made Bybee’s day (thanks!!) so here are 10 people who made my day recently:

Sheila, for blogging a Real Housewives conversation I wish I’d been a part of.

YA author extraordinaire Laurie Halse Anderson, for running to raise money to fight leukemia and lymphoma.

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist for my free book.

Eva for such a fabulous meme.

The other 6 aren’t bloggers (nor are they individuals), but I’m just so happy for all of them:

Judy & Mako’s son & new fiancee
Catherine and Vincent and their bun in the oven
Sarah and Brent (and Doug) for making Bean a boyfriend
Katy and Chris and Lucy and their happy news
Abbie for listening
My pastor and his wife for welcoming crying babies at church

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