Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder

After finally returning to her homeland, having been kidnapped as a child, Yelena must tame the magic she never knew she had even as she’s suspected of being a spy and embroiled in the hunt to catch a nefarious serial killer.

It’s been a little exciting up in here lately, with new baby being WAY more interesting than any book in the world. Strangely enough I was between books when she made her arrival, having just finished Red Seas Under Red Skies. I don’t know when I picked up Magic Study, but it was at some point after the birth. Of course, I haven’t been totally word-deprived. I’ve been obsessively reading & rereading the Sears Breastfeeding Book, and Baby Book, as well as Aviva Jill Romm’s Naturally Healthy Babies and Children and Natural Health After Birth.

I really enjoyed Maria V. Snyder’s Poison Study, which offered a really fun blend of action-adventure, romance, and a dollop of the epic fantasy aesthetic. Magic Study, book 2 in a trilogy to be completed this spring with Fire Study, is just as good, developing Yelena’s story in a page-turning manner while keeping the same level of action and suspense. Snyder uses a serial killer plotline to keep things moving forward, successfully borrowing elements from the police procedural genre.

I think that’s all I can give you for now… hopefully as my energy returns and as Bea gets bigger and life gets more manageable I’ll be able to write longer posts. But for now, I’m exhausted! (In a good way.)

6 thoughts on “Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder”

  1. Another author I haven’t come across who seems right up my street. I’ll follow her through. Take care and don’t get too tired.

  2. Wow. I can’t believe you have actually found any time at all to read! I have Poison Study sitting on a shelf….waiting to be read! One of these days. I’m glad you enjoyed this one! I’ve heard really good things about this series.

  3. I really liked Poison Study and Magic Study too. I can’t wait for #3. The books are listed as romance but I think they are more fantasy. Although the romantic elements are pretty good. 🙂

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