Mad Ship by Robin Hobb (The Liveship Traders, Book 2)

With the Vestrit family’s Liveship captured by the pirate Kennit and the family falling into poverty, headstrong Althea Vestrit plans a daring plot to regain her ship, even as her niece Malta becomes the family’s ransom to the shadowy, deformed Rain Wild Traders.

I know, I know, the plots of second books always sound so silly. You need to know who everybody is in order to appreciate Mad Ship, and if you’ve read the first book I’m sure i don’t need to convince you to read this one.

I enjoyed revisiting Bingtown and the Rain Wilds, not just because this is the second book but because it’s also my second read. Robin Hobb really created something special in this series and I’m glad she’s chosen to continue it with books beyond this trilogy.

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