Love in the Time of Dragons by Katie MacAlister

A mom studying to be a mage wakes up and finds herself imprisoned by people who insist that they are dragons–and that she is one, too.

Love in the Time of Dragons is just what the title suggests–a romance novel with dragons. The dragons themselves are shapeshifters who often take human form. The dragons holding Tully tell her she’s an ancient dragon named Ysolde, and her dreams are beginning to reveal that they may be right. But her memories of her present life are cloudy, and her husband Gareth isn’t forthcoming. And who’s this Baltic who haunts her memories yet seems to be a deadly threat?

I liked the conceit of this book, but it was a bit too much romance for my tastes. It’s also part of a larger series, and I think I was missing a lot of necessary backstory from previous books. I actually ended up losing interest about halfway through, and opted not to finish it.

Many thanks to Hodder for the review copy.

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