Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Robert Kolker

When an escort goes missing after a call with a john out on Long Island, the bodies of four other escorts are found on the beach, and the odd nature of the community seems to prevent a successful investigation.

Although Lost Girls doesn’t offer closure for the mystery at hand, the book is still a gripping, worthwhile read. Kolker delves into the personal history of the four confirmed victims, prostitutes whose bodies were found wrapped in burlap on a deserted stretch of beach road, as well as the missing girl whose frantic 911 call kicked things off. Each girl turned to prostitution for a different reason, but all found a path to success using Craigslist to post ads soliciting customers. I really grew to care about these women, and feel for the choices that they made, even as I hate that such a life was even possible for them. I hope that this case is solved because these girls deserve justice.

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