Lost Claus by Dan Fiorella

A jaded private eye takes on the case of a lifetime when an unusually small client by the name of “Tweedle” walks in the door wearing a red and green outfit claiming his boss is missing.

Lost Claus is really, really funny. Dan Fiorella gets all the hard boiled lingo just right and it’s hilarious when juxtaposed with some snooty elves, Santa’s hot-to-trot adopted daughter, and the threat of Christmas without the big man himself. It’s a great satire and a fun story, way more than the gimmick you might assume it to be. And it exemplifies everything I love about the e-publishing boom–what kind of home could a comic novella like this one find in the traditional landscape. If only more writers were at the level of Fiorella and others like Christiana Miller, but it’s a fair trade.

Many thanks to Dan Fiorella for the review copy.

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