Live Deeply and Live Relationally

Two Bible study guides, one on the parables and the other on the women of the Bible.

Live Deeply and Live Relationally are part of the Fresh Life series of Bible studies.

Set up to take about 20 minutes a day, these studies are inductive in nature and take you through Bible passages in order to deepen your understanding of the Bible. They present historical context and make ample use of cross-references. They look to be educational in nature, as opposed to therapeutic, and seem grounded in orthodox theology.

I’m Bible study challenged during this season of my life, but I’m going to give Live Relationally a try. Superfast Toddler may not let me set aside 20 minutes every single day, but I’m guessing that the women of the Bible will prove such good company that I’ll look forward to whatever time I can spend with them.

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