Legacy by Lois McMaster Bujold (The Sharing Knife, Book 2)

Wedded against custom, magical Lakewalker Dag and his farmer bride Fawn return to Dag’s family home, where they face rejection and ostracism, but when Dag is called out on patrol to battle the most fearsome malice he’s ever seen, they learn that their bond is more than just one of love and may change the world they know.

If Legacy weren’t such a strong book I totally would’ve put it down the second my copy of Mockingjay showed up, but Lois McMaster Bujold is such a good storyteller that not even the fate of Katniss Everdeen could tear me away.

I really loved the prosaic details about camp life, and watching Fawn learn a new culture. The Lakewalker society is very well detailed. The love story deepens in a wonderful way, and Bujold gives tantalizing hints about the story’s mythology that I hope will be expanded upon on Book Three.

But I can wait no longer, so Fawn and Dag will have to wait! Am hoping I can exercise a modicum of restraint and not stay up all night reading Mockingjay. But if I do, I’m doubly hoping that my newborn stays asleep so I can finish it!

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