Knit With Beads: Beautiful Gifts by Scarlet Taylor

18 original designs that illustrate different techniques for knitting with beads.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I am now dying to get my hands on some beads and work with Scarlet Taylor’s fabulous patterns in Knit With Beads. It’s the follow-up to a book I have not read, but these aren’t advanced techniques, as far as I can tell. Anyone proficient in intermediate knitting techniques like cabling and lace will be able to follow the lesson segments and pick up beading techniques quickly and easily.

I am dying to make the beaded neckwarmer, Victorian lace cap, and the beaded bags featured on the front cover. Knitting is definitely going to fall by the wayside when the baby comes. It’s all I can do to finish up my Elizabeth Zimmerman baby blanket. Until then, I’ll just have to satisfy my knitting urges by browsing books like this.

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