Katy Bowman, A Literary Polar Vortex

This week, I finished a review copy of The Disappeared by Roger Scruton, and a full review will run on the publication date (March 5, 2015). I had a passing awareness of Scruton from another lifetime ago, when I was Managing Editor of the now-defunct webzine New Pantagruel (.com). More to come.

Katy Bowman‘s Move Your DNA is more of a reference book than anything else, but the first half tackles the science of biomechanics in a comprehensive and surprisingly readable way. The second section goes into specific ways of moving and being in order to achieve wellness, and it’s definitely going to take me some time to work out how to apply her wisdom in my every day life.

My apologies to Frog Music and Lila, because I had to return them to the library without reading them. I chose In the Kingdom of Ice instead of you. If only I had time for you all…

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