In the Wilderness by Sigrid Undset (The Master of Hestviken)

Medieval feudal lord now widower Olav Audunsson grapples with the sins of old that make each day a torment.

In the Wilderness had a strong transitional quality to it. I am hoping that the next book completes his spiritual journey because I was really unsatisfied with where he ended up at the end of the book. All he’s done his whole life is justify his misdeeds by claiming his own rights, and that’s just what he’s doing near the end. At this point I’m actually kind of pissed off by his obtuseness and pride. Nevertheless, I trust Sigrid Undset completely so I’m keen to keep going. The book also offers tantalizing hints towards a storyline with wayward Eirik to play out in the final book, so I’m hoping for a strong finish.

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