In Cheap We Trust by Lauren Weber

A history of thrift in American culture.

While the history that comprises most of In Cheap We Trust was well-researched and presented, I really wanted a lot more present-day analysis. I really appreciated the chapter on the greenwashing of consumption, and how buying secondhand is, in many ways, a lot more eco friendly than buying something brand new even if it’s made sustainably. I was also hoping for a lot more practical suggestions for being thriftier, but I was just mistaken about what kind of book this was going to be, and that’s my problem, not the book’s!

One thought on “In Cheap We Trust by Lauren Weber”

  1. That title is catchy. I appreciate the idea that buying secondhand is sometimes better than buying a new item. Very true. Personally, some of my favorite clothes have come from thrift shops, and what parent doesn’t see the value in buying certain baby items at consignment sales?

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