6 thoughts on “I write like Chuck Palahniuk”

  1. Just found you via your review of This House of Sky by Ivan Doig. I am intrigued by your site and joined the list. I not only want to regain my ability to read fast (never read superfast) but to retain what I read. It drives me crazy having to go back to “remind” myself of certain things on past pages.

    btw, I write like David Foster Wallace, according to the analyzer. Haven’t shared that tidbit of news at my blog yet. I haven’t read him so ordered Infinite Jest and good god what a dauntingly large book. I really need to polish up on speed and retention!

  2. Interesting! I am glad you recommended the essays because I also ordered A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again and I will read it first. (Admitting reality here: I might read lots of books before I delve into Infinite Jest!

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