I Rock!

At least Bybee thinks so. And I think her blog rocks so this made my day.

So, now the rules state that I have to nominate 5 blogs that rock. This is hard, because the litblog world also happens to be filled with great writers. But I shall try.

I’ll start with my girls Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt at Good Girl Lit. Anne & May write Christian chick lit that’s fresh, funny, and not at all preachy. And their blog has a similarly quirky vibe, where they talk about everything from literature to vacations to relationships to bizarre “Christian kitsch.” I light up whenever I see a new entry from them in my reader. Even if you think Christians are weird, you should check them out–because they’re the kind of Christians who think we’re pretty weird, too.

My appreciation for Jill at My Individual Take on the Subject shouldn’t be new to her, and I actually can’t believe I haven’t seen her name pop up on anybody else’s list, because she’s a smart, thoughtful reviewer with great taste in books.

Nor should Ian at Upper Fort Stewart be surprised to see his name on here. I bet my Google Reader Shared Items (which you can view in the upper left corner, under the Amazon search box) has more items by him than anyone else. He’s always got a fresh insight on the art and practice of reading.

I admire Booklogged, at A Reader’s Journal, who always seems to finish challenges! I have stopped signing up because I hate not fulfilling promises, even ones that are relatively trivial. But I can vicariously experience what it’s like to finish challenges, as well as get book recommendations and great reviews.

And lastly, I am going to leave the litblogosphere to tell you about a blogger who rocks in the most literal way. My dear friend Megan Gilbert blogs about music for Zoom In Online. She’s been in a bunch of bands, has great taste in music, and really knows how to write. Her Friday mixes are simply inspired, and since she recently did a three-part series on women who rock, she definitely belongs on this list.

I read two books yesterday for work. The first was an Anastasia Krupnik for the 21st Century.

6 thoughts on “I Rock!”

  1. Really? I rock? I think I like rocking. Thanks, Annie!

    By the way, you wouldn’t believe how motivating it is to hear you’re sharing my posts. Thanks for that too.

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