How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph by Linda Massey Weddle

A guide for parents for Bible study activities from age 2 through the teenage years, centered around Biblical knowledge and moral character.

I thought that How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph had some good ideas for educational activities for parents, but after reading Christless Christianity I read it with a much more critical eye. Modern-Day Joseph does contain the semi-Pelagian notions that we “make a decision for Christ” and that just doesn’t fly with Reformed (read Calvinist) me anymore.

What I thought was so interesting was her use of Joseph’s parents, Jacob and Rachel (and by extension Leah). Though Joseph was raised by very fallen people, nevertheless he loved the Lord and sought to serve him with his life. She does acknowledge that God had something to do with this, yet the whole book is riddled with the notion that parents are responsible for creating these modern-day Josephs.

Linda Massey Weddle raises an important question: “Why do so many children raised in evangelical churches leave the faith?” Like so many, unfortunately, her fundamental assumption is that it’s because we haven’t tried hard enough. Michael Horton’s book shows a deeper problem–children are leaving the faith because the churches never taught it to begin with.

Assumptions aside, I do think that this book has a lot to offer. Her methodology offers a big-picture plan for teaching the Word to children and teenagers–and by extension back to parents. She also has good insights into developmental stages. I don’t think I will use this book myself with Superfast Toddler–we will use the Westminster Shorter Catechism as our guide–but I think it’s a worthwhile resource.

4 thoughts on “How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph by Linda Massey Weddle”

  1. Your link for Christless Christianity didn’t work. I’m curious what would convince someone of Calvinism, since the Bible doesn’t convince me of it. I try to keep an open mind, assuming I can make that decision…;)

  2. oops–this was not supposed to post until later this month!

    no time to get into a theological debate. i defer to the writings of RC Sproul to show how the totality of Scripture points to the sovereignty of God over all of creation.

  3. Cool. Might have to pick it up. I’m not terribly interested in the debate, either, since I don’t actually think it matters for someone who loves Christ.

    Sproul does make good reading, though.

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