Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

One man’s harrowing journey up the Congo in search of enlightenment.

Blogging really wasn’t invented for talking about a book like Heart of Darkness. I am utterly incapable of coming up with anything approaching an instant reaction to this book. I need to sit with it for a long time, then read it again, then sit with it some more, then read it again. Then maybe I can talk about it. I promise to let you know if I come up with anything approaching a coherent thought about this tremendous work.

6 thoughts on “Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad”

  1. I while ago I posted that this was one of those well known books that I still haven’t read. I was surprised by the number of people that told me not to bother! I’m looking forward to your post- if it ever comes. A few books have left me blogless/speechless (care to coin a new phrase?) as well.

  2. I believe it is one of those works that does not sit well with some, why I do not know. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It lingers with you like Cormac McCarthy’s writing.

  3. Maybe it’s a copout, but it just feels like I’d ruin the experience I had with the book by writing about it. I am not interested in an academic evisceration of the imagery and symbolism. And how can I talk about the poetry and mood Conrad creates without butchering it with my own limited vocabulary. I get why Grahame Greene said he had to stop reading Conrad. Heart of Darkness was insidious–in the best possible way.

  4. Not to sound trite, but it’s one of my favourites, mainly because it was such a difficult book to read. You know how some people talk about pushing through a wall in physical activity, when they exert themselves to the point of pain getting through something, and ultimately the pain enhances the satisfaction? That’s how reading Heart of Darkness made me feel. This post makes me want to read it again.

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