Harmless by Dana Reinhardt

After their alibi is busted, three girls spin a whopper of a lie to keep from getting in trouble with their parents.

Harmless shows what happens when a lie becomes bigger than the people who told it. The problem was that I had a lot of trouble empathizing with the girls who told the lie, because it’s so massively awful that I can’t believe they actually came up with it. And the stakes for getting caught just didn’t seem worth it, so I had a lot of trouble feeling sorry for them as they worked through the repercussions of the lie. The characters weren’t strong enough to keep me interested on that basis, either.

4 thoughts on “Harmless by Dana Reinhardt”

  1. Well, I may be tempted to look at the book if the tone of the book is complete comedy (given your review, I think it is not). I mean, a whooper of a lie has a lot of comedy situations in it, right?

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