Grub by Elise Blackwell

The trials and travails of a group of young New York City-based novelists.

Grub is a reworking of a 19th Century novel. I can’t speak to its success in that regard because I haven’t read the original, but I will say that author Elise Blackwell pulls off a rare bird: a satire brimming with humanism. I enjoyed every line of this book, which reminded me at times of Whit Stillman’s marvelous first feature Metropolitan. This is a galley I’ll be keeping, rereading, and recommending all over the place when the book comes out in stores in September.

12 thoughts on “Grub by Elise Blackwell”

  1. I always love all the tags you have on each entry!

    “angry young man” *giggle* That seems a pretty common character in contemporary lit. πŸ™‚

  2. This sounds like something I’ll definitely want to read, so I hope you do remember to mention it again when it comes out!

  3. Have you read Blackwell’s book Hunger? She makes a joke about it in Grub, though she names neither author nor book. But it’s nice that she can poke fun at herself and other writers without being mean.

  4. GRUB is a fantastic book, must read for everyone who is writing or considers writing a book! Heard Elise Blackwell, the author, is touring the coming months, one of the venues will be the KGB-Bar in NY (she will read the scene in which Amanda reads from her book in the CIA-Bar…) on 10/7/07

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