Go, Readers, Go!

The 24-hour read-a-thon is up and running, and I’m sending out good reading vibes to all the participants:

  • 1 More Chapter
  • A Patchwork of Books
  • A Striped Armchair
  • Aquatique
  • Bebo Author
  • Becky's Books
  • Book Glutton
  • Bookgirl's Nightstand
  • Dog's Eye View
  • Ed's Thread
  • Eliza Tucker
  • Errant Dreams
  • Jason Erik Lundberg
  • Joystory
  • Just Another Musing
  • Keeper of the Snails
  • Life
  • Naked Without Books
  • Nothing of Importance
  • OCD Man
  • Pages Turned
  • S.M.S. Book Reviews
  • So Many Books
  • So Many Books, So Little Time
  • Teen Book Review
  • The Armenian Odar Reads
  • the deblog
  • The Smug Cloud
  • There's Something About Translation
  • Have fun, everybody!

    8 thoughts on “Go, Readers, Go!”

    1. Thanks for your support. I wish that I could borrow your superfast skill, just for one day…well actually, I want it for more than that, but…

    2. Hi there! Just found out from Dewey that I one your prize…a bookmooch point for me and one for charity. I don’t have a bookmooch account. Would you please just pick your favorite charity to give them both to? All the charities look worthwhile! Thanks so much for donating the prize!

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