Feast of Souls by CS Friedman (The Magister Trilogy)

In a world where the price of magic is human life, one woman dares transgress against the prevailing power structures even as an ancient enemy threatens humankind.

Man, I hate synopsizing epic fantasy. The premises always end up sounding so silly. That’s a shame, because Feast of Souls actually really intrigued me with its central idea. Basically, there can be no magic without a human life force as fuel. Women who can control the life force become witches, but every act of magic takes time off of their lives. Men, however, have discovered the secret of taking the life force of another, and become Magisters, draining the life force of unseen human consorts in order to power their immortality.

It’s said that women cannot become Magisters because they are unable to reckon the cost of their power because of an innate weakness to the gender. However, Kamala, a street kid turned prostitute, manages to cross the line and claim the title of Magister. It’s at this moment in history that an ancient evil returns (of course) and our adventure is on its way.

I wasn’t blown away by Feast of Souls, but I’m definitely keen to read Wings of Wrath when it comes out next month.

Oh, and that’s one of the worse covers ever. Seriously, you expect me to read this on the subway?

4 thoughts on “Feast of Souls by CS Friedman (The Magister Trilogy)”

  1. “I hate synopsizing epic fantasy. The premises always end up sounding so silly.” That happens to me all the time…and to some of my favorite books! 🙂

  2. I’ve been a CS Friedman fan for about 15 years, and have read everything she’s written, even the heavy Sci Fi and vampire stuff, which is usually not my forte. She is an amazing talent. I agree that Feast isn’t her best work, but it was a good read, and I’m looking forward to Wings of Wrath. Her Coldfire trilogy got better with every book, and I’m hoping the same will hold true here.

    You’re right about that cover being terrible. Is that the paperback? I have it in hardcover, and the cover is very different.

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