Favorite Films A to Z

Taken from my dear Sheila:

List your favorite films from A to Z, one for each letter of the alphabet.

A for Amadeus
B for Blade Runner
C for Cabaret
D for Dressed to Kill
E for East of Eden
F for Fear Eats the Soul
G for Ginger Snaps
H for The Haunting
I for Imitation of Life
J for Johnny Guitar
K for Krull
L for Leave her to Heaven
M for Mildred Pierce
N for Natural Born Killers
O for Ossessione
P for Pandora’s Box
Q for Queen Christina
R for Raise the Red Lantern
S for Seance on a Wet Afternoon
T for Two Friends
U for The Usual Suspects
V for Valley of the Dolls
W for Whale Rider
X for X-Men
Y for You Can Count on Me
Z for Zoolander

5 thoughts on “Favorite Films A to Z”

  1. Great idea and very interesting choices. I maintain a top 100 movie list on my blog – which is interesting as well. Its an intriguing thought process to go through to add a new movie you see that belongs in the list – but that means another movie has to go.

    I think I’ll steal this meme and play with it awhile at my site.


  2. Confession: My DVD collection is alphabetized, and I feel incomplete because I don’t have a DVD for every letter of the alphabet. I’m missing Q, U, and V. I’ll have to check out Queen Christina. :)

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