Eating Books

In our still newish apartment, we have a dining room, which completely and absolutely rocks. I have never had such a thing in my 12 years of living in New York City. Having the table in the middle means that the wall space can be used for–you guessed it–books.

I love the way the bookshelves look in the room, but all the books are kind of distracting. We had out-of-town guests last night, and as we sat around the table this morning I was watching their eyes flicking around the room, something that my husband has told me I do quite a bit. He says it looks weird, and watching my friends do it, I kind of agree. None of us were really making eye contact with each other because of the books.

As a result, our conversation kept turning to books, even more than usual (we are all crazy readers). Whenever there was a lull, somebody would bring up one of the books. I don’t think we were really even aware of it.

So low lighting and candles will be required for all dinner parties in the library dining room. Or we’ll learn which of our friends are closeted bookaholics. One thing’s for sure–we’ll end up loaning out a lot more books than we already do. Our out-of-town friends managed to take 2 with them, even though they were on their way to Ireland. Book lovers will carry books anywhere.

Tonight’s work read was a FABULOUS new book by a renowned chick lit author. Lucky me!

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  1. Hi, Annie! I’m just responding to your comment that you found my blog (I’d love to know how!!) and have added me to your reader.

    Thanks! Man, that makes my day! I really appreciate it and hope you have fun with me and my goofy fictional characters. And you’re just in time for my summer reading contest, which ought to fit in nicely with your reading challenge. How’s THAT for slick???

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